Dimension Plus Depositor Range

Dimension Plus Data Sheet

Steck has launched a new unique reversible transfer pump based upon the Steck Dimension range. It features IP65 protection, pilot-less air circuitry, various mounting options, casseted drive engine, quick strip easy clean with no small parts and is thought to be the first of its type with a unique reversible action allowing the pump to purge outlet pipe-work and return the product to source. The transfer pump will handle gently but effectively, a variety of products such as, toppings, fruit pie fillings, meat slurries, sauces, fillings, batters, mashed potato, salads and desserts.


Force Feed/Stirrer

The Dimension can be fitted with a variable speed force feed/stirrer to auger heavy viscous products into the valve block. Alternatively a stirrer blade can also be fitted to keep solids in suspension on thinner mixes.  


Low Level Depositing Systems

A range of low level depositing solutions which can be hopper fed or connected directly to customer’s own product vessels. A slip coupling within the outlet pipe-work allows the depositing head to be adjusted over different height conveyors.


Multi Head Depositors

The Dimension range extends from single stand alone machines through to multiple cylinder models which can be mounted on transverse or cantilever frames to suit conveyor layouts. For depositing over heat sealing and thermo-forming machines, sequential opening nozzles and multi cylinder versions are available to suit any configuration of die pattern.


Direct Feed Depositors

Because of the construction of the Steck rotary valve, the Dimension is capable of direct pressure feeding from cooking, cooling and mixing vessels. A system for feeding from tote/eurobins is especially effective on viscous products such as mashed potato.


Accessories, Nozzles & Depositing Heads

Steck offer a wide range of accessories to complete the Dimension range. A variety of mixing and auger blades to assist in the depositing of difficult products. Standard GP, Rotary Bore, Rotary Spreading and pin-less Rise and Fall Nozzles. Custom made decorative heads and special purpose depositing nozzles to suit practically any product, can be designed and made to suit individual customer’s requirements. 

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