About Steck Depositors

Who are we?

Founded in 2001, based in West Sussex, England, we are a team of Designers, Manufacturers, Engineers and Programmers who specialise in creating depositing & labour saving robotic solutions for the food industry.

What do we do?

We are recognised for our ability to design, develop and manufacture cutting edge depositing solutions.  Through our years of combined experience we have a strong understanding of the challenges faced by our customers and take pride in our ability to create solutions that are industry-leading in terms of accuracy, reliability and performance.

Our teams can quickly respond to customer demands creating depositing solutions tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.  Our extensive knowledge of the environments in which our equipment operates helps us to advise and guide our customers through the process, ensuring that all aspects are taken into consideration before a design is signed off.


Steck - Global company

Steck Depositors Ltd is registered


The first production machine is installed


Steck attends PPMA Show with the Dimension and Classic machines


By the end of 2004 Steck had 35 machines installed all over the UK


Steck launches the world's first pizza sauce depositing head


Steck move into a new factory. Our first Servo Depositor is underway


Steck saw the launch of newly developed depositors including the RCD machines


Over 700 machines in operation and work force increases 30%


Steck launch the DR2-600 Delta Robot


With over 60 delta robots now installed and in production for the sandwich industry.  Steck has developed a new series of sandwich end effectors for lid and turn applications. Uk and International Patent pending



Since our registration in 2001, Steck has endeavoured to bring our customers the most advanced, modern & reliable equipment possible.  Our focus on reliability and longevity is proven by the fact that our first ever Dimension Depositor, installed in 2002, is still in operation today!

2008 saw the launch of the first ‘falling pin pizza sauce head’, used to print tomato sauce directly onto pre-cooked pizza bases.  Further development has allowed our customers to use this technology to also print pesto, garlic butter & mascarpone onto pizzas.  In 2016 we took the same technology and made it smaller - the ‘mayo head’ allows our customers to print mayo cleanly and precisely onto sliced bread.  This stops the product trailing over the crusts, eliminating rejection and therefore reducing waste.

Jump forward to 2018 and the unveiling of the DR1, Stecks’ first robotics solution, developed to apply sauce to spareribs, fully integrated with its own vision & safety system.  As the only roll-up delta robot of its kind the technology was quickly evolved and manipulated for the sandwich industry.  The first DR2 was installed in 2019 to pump and apply starch to wraps.  The slightly smaller DR3 quickly followed, with the new triangular shape allowing them to run simultaneously ‘face-to-face’ on the same line – perfect for tight spaces.  Our patented end effectors are now used for applications such as match halving, wet & dry sandwich lidding and turning.  Watch this space to see the launch of what we are working  on next.


The Steck Challenge

Steck challenges any other depositor manufacturer to match our performance in terms of accuracy, air consumption and speed of cleaning. We will gladly take part in depositor demonstration trials at your site, with your product and with no obligation.

2 Years Warranty

All of our depositors come with a free 2-year parts and labour warranty as standard.  Our unique ‘cassette’ style engine means less down time should a problem arise and no expensive engineer call-out charges.  We also offer an intensive care package to keep you covered once your warranty has expired.


At Steck we are dedicated to innovation.  Through our research & development program we look to provide our customers with the newest technology tailored to the food industry environment.  If you have a new product to deposit why not call us and see how we can help.

Client Reviews

Engineering Manager
From the moment we had our trial machine delivered, along with some good honest advice, we knew the machine would perform and it has been ideal for us. We now have a fleet of Steck's delivering quality production as promised.
Operations Director
Reliable, accurate, fantastic service, nothing is too much trouble. Steck were only interested in providing us with the right solution, not just in selling us a machine. We now have multiple machines on site and we will remain a loyal customer.
Production Manager
We had older systems on site and we were looking for to replace them. Steck were the most logical solution for our new production facility. Honest reliable service that we can trust.
Production Manager
I am delighted with the new fleet of Dimension depositors from Steck. They are easy to use, quick to install and we received excellent customer service from order to delivery.

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