High Level Servo Depositor
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The new SD1 servo depositor has been designed for today’s food production environment. The SD1 standard concept, like all Steck’s machines, is based on a hygienic design and fully mobile height adjustable virtual tripod frame mounted on castors. All the wet end components are interchangeable with the existing Steck Dimension.

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The SD1 operates with Clear Path motion processing control system and a Weintek 7” touch screen HMI. This allows us to provide the most advanced servo control system with full UK support and a wealth of experience and knowledge from one of the industry’s leading motion specialists.

The Control Motion touch screen allows us to offer full control of the SD1 motion paths including: Product recipes, product depositing speed, multiple deposits, auto priming and full depositing control.

Integrating the electronics within the motor drives gives a perfectly matched motor and drive providing a more compact solution. The SD1 therefore, requires no cables between the motor and drive giving faster changeovers if the need to replace is required. ClearPath’s auto tuner optimises performance for all the SD1 Mechanics.

Engine Action: Forward/Reverse
Frame Work: High Level, adjustable virtual tripod
Positive Drive: Patented ‘Steck-Link’ valve drive system
Product Feed: Hopper, Suction or Transfer Pump
Construction: Robust construction
Protection: Sealed main drive, Spill back space
IP65: Fully IP65 sealed for protection from the cleaning environment
Heads: 1 Head
Nozzles: Full Selection of Nozzles
Weight Control: HMI touch screen

Maximum supply pressure: 10 Bar
Minimum supply pressure: 4 Bar
Power cylinder bore: 80 mm
Power cylinder stroke (max): 150mm
Power cylinder stroke (min): 10mm
Stroke repeatability: 0.03%
Maximum depositing energy: 450 J (6 Bar supply)
Maximum depositing force: 3015N (6 Bar supply)
Maximum speed at full stroke: 70 (strokes/min)

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Steck Depositors are dedicated to discover, develop and deliver new innovative depositing machines, robotic solutions and ancillaries. These will assist our customers in the ever challenging demands cast upon them to meet their market requirements. In doing so Steck Depositors will apply a flexible approach in knowing, we are able to provide the right solution for a wide range of applications.

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