Why Steck Robotics?

Steck Robotics and Vision systems are highly integrated single source solutions which give optimised performance in a highly cost effective package. This provides the cost and timeline certainty that is often an issue in multi-supplier solutions led by an integrator. We can offer our own vertical delta, horizontal delta and integrated Scara solutions,  all controlled by our own in house software.

Our Robots are the result of an intensive investment and development program launched by us to bring to the market robotic automation closely targeted at the sort of repetitive manual tasks often seen in food production.

At Steck we know our customers' needs especially for portable robotics that can be pushed up to the production line, switched on and left to get on with a task, taking up little more line space than an operator. The robots need to be rugged to survive the environment, simple to operate, simple to clean, simple to maintain and above all installed at a price that pays back within a year.”
After almost 20 years of building depositors for the food industry, we were very familiar with the sort of environment that the new robots would have to survive in, and quickly realised that the task needed a ‘clean sheet’ approach. The challenge for Steck was to design a model that improves on general purpose robots that are more commonly used in the automotive industry, but do not have a strong record in the food production environment. It’s not just about taking a general purpose robotic arm and making it waterproof - a much more fundamental rethink is needed. We realised quickly that if we wanted a robot and vision system to do that sort of task, we had no option but to design and build it from scratch.”

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Steck RuggedEye Vision System

For precise detection and location of product into our robots, we use our real-time computer vision devices, RuggedEye. These devices are specifically designed to tolerate the challenging conditions of the food industry. RuggedEye vision systems run our bespoke low-level algorithms to allow for accurate detection of product position and orientation without need for active lighting.

Ruggedised features:

  • Canbus communication for reliable, noise resistant communication
  • Fully sealed stainless steel case, designed to tolerate large impacts and harsh detergents for wet environments
  • Reliable tri-ball locating feature, allowing the RuggedEye to be taken offline for storage, and placed back with ease
  • Fully silicone encapsulated internal electronics for a second, impenetrable layer of defence against water ingress.

Using the RuggedEye, we can develop algorithms to meet the necessary criteria for various applications. With our systems, we achieve consistent and accurate detection of product even when presented with large variation in product shape, colour, positioning, shadowing, and debris on the belt.

Stecks' Integration Know How

With our experience developing automated systems requiring specialised end effectors, motion control, pneumatic control, and vision systems, we can confidently design and produce complete automated solutions to solve some of the food industry most challenging tasks.

Whatever the desired robot form factor may be, we have the know-how to develop full solutions, tailored to integrate into new or existing production lines.


DR2 Delta Robot

Popular For: Wrap Gluing, Pizzas, Ready Meals.

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DR3 Delta Robot

Popular For: Lidding, Match Halving, Turning.

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Change Parts, Nozzles, Print Heads.

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